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Babbage pictures

Dave Ackerman tweeted a couple of pictures of the Raspberry Jam @ Cambridge Consultants yesterday, including this great one taken by Babbage-cam while he hung in meeting room 10/11.

Raspberry Jam!

A couple of months ago, I went to a Raspberry Jam in Cambridge at the Centre for Mathematical Science. It was a great day out and I met some really interesting people, but the vending machine was a) a long way away and b) terrible anyway, and we had a lot of people in a small meeting room. "Next time", I bravely announced, "you should come over to my office. We'll lay on coffee and everything..." Well, fast forward a few months and quite a lot of planning, and the second Cambridge Raspberry Jam of 2013 came to Cambridge Consultants . Mike Horne is the local Raspberry Jam organiser and we're all very grateful to him for arranging these Jams and giving us Pi enthusiasts somewhere to go and talk about what we love. Mike arranged all the ticketing, the demos and the speakers. I arranged with Darina at Cambridge Consultants so we could borrow the reception area, and have teas and coffees and cakes laid on, name badges, etc. Many thanks for Darina for s