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There's so much going on at JP Towers that I feel the need to write some of it down,  lest any of it leaks about of my brain. I've talked about the Jaguar radio upgrade before so that's one. I'm planning to implement while house temperature monitoring. This will use the cat6 running to (almost) every room and Dallas one-wire temperature sensors. I'll probably drive them as multiple busses using at Arduino as there are issues configuring a star as a single 'bus'. The sensors are in and have been tested on the Arduino,  I just need to build an adapter to connect to my patch panel and build some sensor 'plugs' using standard 8P8C shells. I've got a new boiler going in soon.  I've selected a Viessmann 200-W a it has an IR control interface.  This will allow me to disable the heating when we're out and restart it on our journey home using my phone. I can probably use the Arduino for this as well as it'll be in roughly the right location