Pi Wars

I'm thinking about entering Pi Wars in December. It's a Raspberry Pi based robot competition.

So far, I've scrounged a few bits and pieces, and put together a really basic remote control system using a Playstation 3 controller, an L293 H-Bridge driver board and an Arduino. The Raspberry Pi can do PWM and USB/Bluetooth, so it can take the place of both the laptop and the Arduino, when I get that far.

There are a few bugs, as I mention in the video, related to input handling. Basically if I play with it too much, the motor gets stuck (usually at maximum speed) and I appear to stop getting events from the joystick char device. But for now, here's a short video.


  1. Hi, we spoke at the PiWars event. I've got a Rover 4WD for Christmas, I'd like to disconnect the two rear motors as you did - so that they can freewheel. You said this was really easy... I took three screws out but couldn't get any further. Can you explain how you did it? :-)

  2. You need to split the gear box case for each of the wheels you wish to disable. Undo all the screws then tease the two sides apart. Once inside, remove one of the intermediate gears.


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