Two runs in!

So, not bad so far...

Our robot valiantly completed the line following challenge, but 2m47 over the 5m00 time limit. Great work by Matt Lane implementing an OpenCV based line following algorithm using the Raspberry Pi Camera. I'm calling that a moral victory, even if we were disqualified for being too slow.

Next up was the Proximity Challenge. The first run was a bit of a disaster - we stopped over 30cm from the board. Discussions ensued, and we demonstrated against a nearby door that our robot was capable of much better. We weren't allowed to modify the course, but we did move a few nearby shiny objects which we thought might be interfering. Our second run netted us 20.5mm (yes, millimetres). Result! The third run came in at 28mm. The runs are added together, so the failed run cost us quite a bit. We'll have to see if anyone else gets a failed run too.

Next up, Robot Golf at 11:35.


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