We're at PiWars

So Matt Lane, Matt Kingston and myself have spent the last few months putting together our entry for PiWars. We're very grateful to our bosses at www.cambridgeconsultants.com for allowing us to indulge in our hobby and supporting us with some of the parts. Last night was pretty hectic. I left the guys at about 11pm to catch my bus, but they stayed well after that. There are various challenge we need to complete and we're there or thereabouts for most of them:

  • Line Following, autonomously
  • Drive up to a wall without hitting it
  • Chase a ball through a goal
  • Drive flat out in a straight line
  • Do a three point turn, autonomously
  • Sumo challenge
  • Aesthetics
  • Code quality
  • Obstacle course

Right now it's 10:40am and the we're up on the line following course at 10:55. I haven't seen many other tracked robots, so we're hopeful about the obstacle couse - assuming we survive the Sumo and don't blow the H-bridge!

The specs of our robot, named Steve for reasons we don't remember, are:

  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Arduino Pro Mini (5V / 16MHz)
  • UBEC switch mode power supply
  • 6x 2500mAh AA Ni-MH cells
  • L298N H-bridge board
  • Seeedstudio Ultrasonic ranger
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Dagu Rover 5 Chassis
  • SparkFun Nokia 5110 LCD

Wish us luck!



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