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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

So, worst kept secret ever - it appears there's a Raspberry Pi 3 coming soon. Probably tomorrow (the fourth anniversary of the original release). I wasn't told in advance, so unlike most of the internet, I'm not under NDA. Here's what we know: There's an FCC submission qualifying it's Wifi and Bluetooth LE performance. From photos it looks like the same 1GiB SDRAM as the Pi 2. There's a half page advert (and front page picture) of a "Raspberry Pi 3" in this month's CPC catalog. D'oh! It talks about a 64-bit 'ARM 7', but that's nonsense as a) they mean ARM v7 as the ARM 7 is ancient at this point, and b) they actually mean ARM v8-A as ARM v7 is a 32-bit only ISA. We don't which of the Cortex A-3x or A-5x series it's packing at the moment, but I'm predicting an A53. According to the advert it's clocked at 1.2GHz, so that's a good speed bump over the Pi 2. It almost certainly continues to pack a VideoCore 4,