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A few weeks ago, some enforced time off gave me time to do some research into a topic that some of my colleagues have been getting quite excited about. Rust. Rust is a new language from Mozilla. Unlike Java and C#, it compiles down to machine code. Unlike Swift and Go it doesn't require an OS - a subset of the standard library (known as core) can be used on any platform. Unlike C++, it's been designed with good ideas from the start, including strong borrow semantics and pattern matching, and unlike C it contains good ideas, period. No more writing your own linked-list implementation on every platform you develop for. It's the first language I've seen where there's no "I'll just have to do this bit in C". Pure Rust, even on a Cortex M4, is the promise. But is it the reality? First impressions weren't good. Rust's stable/beta/nightly model means that you can experiment with new features considered unstable. Unfortunately these features can an