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Results Analysis

Curious as to how each category did in PiWars (Professional, Intermediate and Beginner), I've annotated the official results with the category of the team and their overall leaderboard position in that category. For example, "2 wheels or not 2 wheels" is "Pro 1", as the winning Professional. You'll note that "Beginners" top four out of the seven categories! Obstacle Course 1 2 wheels or not 2 wheels (Brian Corteil) Pro 1 2 Maxeos (Alex Daily) Inter 4 3 PiSquared (Leo White) Pro 6 4 Team Steve (Jonathan Pallant) Inter 1 5 Team 3.14 Musketeers / Robot B√Ętagnan (Mark Edwards) Beginner 4 6 Hitchin Hackspace (David Booth) Pro 5 7 Slice of Pi Club (Martin Eyre) Inter 6 8 SmartPi (David Plaquin) Beginner 11 9 CNM Hackerspace / Not Today Skynet (Kerry Bruce) Beginner 2 10 Little TREV (Matt Teague) Pro 7 11 Metabot3 (John Palombo / Lance Robson)

It's a win for Steve!

What a weekend. I'm exhausted! At this time we're still waiting on the full results breakdown, but in the Intermediate category, Team Steve managed a 3rd place, a 2nd place and a 1st place (for the Slightly Deranged Golf)! The three placings (plus, I guess, points elsewhere - I don't know yet) were enough to put Steve, the dog/robot at the top of the rankings for the Intermediate category. I wouldn't have believed it was possible looking at the pile of scrap parts I had on my desk at the middle of last week, so the moral is - never give up! Here are some photos from the day: Steve waiting to see the judges. The one and only, Dr Lucy! And a couple of videos, starting with Steve playing golf: The prize bundle I received was pretty epic. Thank you so much to all the sponsors - it really is incredible how generous they've all been. I found (in not particular order): A Pi-DAC+ . This is going to sound awesome in the Jag... A