It's a win for Steve!

What a weekend. I'm exhausted! At this time we're still waiting on the full results breakdown, but in the Intermediate category, Team Steve managed a 3rd place, a 2nd place and a 1st place (for the Slightly Deranged Golf)! The three placings (plus, I guess, points elsewhere - I don't know yet) were enough to put Steve, the dog/robot at the top of the rankings for the Intermediate category. I wouldn't have believed it was possible looking at the pile of scrap parts I had on my desk at the middle of last week, so the moral is - never give up!

Here are some photos from the day:

Steve waiting to see the judges.

The one and only, Dr Lucy!
And a couple of videos, starting with Steve playing golf:

The prize bundle I received was pretty epic. Thank you so much to all the sponsors - it really is incredible how generous they've all been. I found (in not particular order):

Not forgetting of course, the fabulous trophies:

Om nom nom nom ... tasty trophy ...

What a day.


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