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I decided to make an 1980's Home Computer in Rust - Part 1

I've had a few projects over the past few years using the TI Stellaris Launchpad. It's nothing particularly special - just a Cortex-M4 based LM4F120 MCU at up to 80 MHz with 256 KiB of Flash and 32 KiB of SRAM, an RGB LED and an on-board USB programmer - but it's pretty cheap and I've gotten to know it quite well. The provided StellarisWare software was a 300 MiB installer, so I threw that out and wrote all of the drivers from scratch. I started out in C, and managed to get a simple car dashboard module working, using an LCD TFT with on-board framebuffer and 8-bit 6800/8080 bus interface (despite the chip not having such a bus - I cheated and used GPIO pins instead). My first attempt at Rust programming was the stellaris-launchpad crate. This has a few demos that either blink the LED or roll it through an RGB rainbow using the PWM timers. From this, I then decided to move the chip support package into a separate crate , in case anyone wanted to use the chip on a diff