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Monotron at Rust Belt Rust

So now @rustbeltrust is over, I thought it was worth writing down a few details about what Monotron can do. It's had a few upgrades since @RustFest Paris! I tried to keep them under wraps to avoid spoilers but I can share them now. This is an un-roll and re-edit of my Twitter thread, and the features listed here are in no particular order: 1. You can upload binary apps into RAM over serial. 24 KiB is reserved for apps, leaving 8 KiB for stack and character RAM. The ROM passes a structure full of function pointers so that apps can access useful functionality, including a vsync function for smooth gameplay. 2. You can write apps in C and in Rust! Example apps include Tiny Basic, a little slideshow about the system, Snake and even a 6502 emulator running an unmodified copy of 6502 Enhanced BASIC. 3. There is a three channel 8-bit wavetable synthesiser running at 37 kHz (the scan-line frequency). It has four 256 byte samples - square, sawtooth, sine and noise. Snake has